Insurance Policy Packages

Package Insurance policies provide a package of covers appropriate for specific business types for a single premium.

The main elements of the cover are:

Material Damage

Cover against loss or damage to buildings, contents and stock.

Optional extras include insurance for retailers to cover the deterioration of frozen or chilled goods due to power interruption, and insurance to cover doctors’ equipment and drugs, even when working away from the practice.

Business Interruption

If your office, surgery, or shop, or its contents, are damaged, you will be covered for loss of income and/or increased costs until things get back to normal.

Money & Book Debts

This insurance is particularly important if you take in large sums of cash or carry cash on your person to the bank/home. It also provides vital protection by covering the cost of reproducing accounts records and chasing debtors if your business records are lost or damaged.

Liabilities - employees, public, product

This element includes legally-required employer’s liability insurance plus insurance that covers you for any claims people outside the business may make against you for injury, illness or property damage.

Our packages cover the following types of business: